How We Increased Leads using Conversion Campaigns For Buy Association

Who are Buy Association?

Buy Association are a company that specialises in bringing together investors and property developers to identify investment opportunities across major UK cities and towns. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, they have access to some of the best opportunities before anyone else in the market.

The brief

The client came to us with a view to increasing the number of high-quality leads they were receiving through paid social. Their previous strategy was to run conversion campaigns as and when a new property was available. These campaigns would be pushed to various retargeting lists only and would run for months at a time and would then be switched off again.

Remarketing is the general process of marketing to people who’ve previously encountered your brand. Typically when it comes to remarketing within paid social ads, this means reaching people on your email list, previous customers/clients or people who have visited your website.

Although the benefits of this are fairly obvious; higher returns due to pre-existing audience familiarity, increase in repeat customers and improved brand loyalty. However, when running a successful paid social strategy, it’s incredibly important that all elements of the marketing funnel are reached in order to continually grow your audience and support all marketing channels.

Our approach

When looking at Buy Association’s strategy before we took over, it was clear that they needed to improve and implement a marketing funnel approach. The pre-existing custom audiences were getting exhausted and there were no brand awareness campaigns to fill the top of the funnel, meaning their retargeting audiences weren’t growing at the rate required.

When creating a successful marketing funnel on Facebook, it’s important to consider three different stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

These three stages of the sales funnel are the path that guides Facebook users toward a desired action — in this case, completing an online enquiry form.

The top of funnel, or the awareness stage, is where you create ads to improve your brand awareness and grow your audience. Typically, interest-based audiences or lookalike audiences or your retargeting lists are used in these campaigns. This stage is all about generating interest and getting your brand in front of potential new customers. For Buy Association we created a traffic campaign that targeted a lookalike audience of their website visitors in the past 180 days.

At this stage, it’s vital that your ads aren’t too sales-heavy. You are introducing your target audience to your business, so educate them on what you can offer them with guide downloads, stats, and infographics, prove your worth and essentially offer them something of value.

The middle of funnel or the consideration stage is the step in the customer journey where you nurture these potential customers. Show customers how you’re unique and why they should choose you over your competitors. At this stage, you can start to introduce some retargeting audiences into the mix. Consider engagers, certain website page viewers, video viewers or people who have downloaded your guides, essentially people who have shown interest but aren’t necessarily ready to commit.

The final stage of the marketing funnel, the stage Buy Association were targeting, is the bottom of funnel, or the conversion phase. Here you should be targeting people who have a higher intent and are more likely to convert after seeing your ad. Email sign-up lists, previous customers and highly engaged audiences all need to be targeted at this stage as these are the people who are the warmest in your audience.

At this stage your main focus is conversions and retention, using your Facebook ads to compel your audience to, in this case, register their interest and then turn them into loyal customers. The messaging on your ads should be utilised to show your key USP’s, any offers you have or any incentives you can offer to encourage people to convert.

In terms of Buy Association, we used this stage to promote individual property USPs such as yield, price point, and return on investment as well as information on the current UK property market and how ‘now is the time to invest’. 

If you want to generate leads through Facebook marketing, it’s essential to have a Facebook sales funnel. Doing this helps you plan how to make your audience aware of your brand.

Our results

Within our first month of implementing a marketing funnel approach, despite now utilising the budget for brand awareness as opposed to all budget going towards conversions, we saw an increase of 1240% in conversions month on month. We also saw impressions grow by 3,503% and website traffic increased by 560 people. In addition to the month on month results, in creating a funnel approach, we are able to continue to grow their audience, ensuring our bottom of funnel efforts are supported.

If you need help with taking your company to the next level through Paid Social, our team of specialists is here to help you achieve your goals. Get in touch with us today!


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