The Profitable Social Media Sales Funnel

Every professional that works in business or marketing is aware of a sales funnel. Although, it is something seldom used in the world of social media marketing.

The majority of businesses and brands on social media put out every post and paid ad as a ‘right hook’, in an attempt to convert the user into a customer.

However, it is important to keep in mind that nobody is on social media to spend money on a product they were not aware that they wanted in the first place. Through using a sales funnel, you stop right-hooking in the dark, and instead start jabbing with your eyes open, and become completely aware when the right hook is needed and in what fashion.

Social media marketing is essentially getting in front of a customer with a relevant message, at a time when the user is most likely to convert.

The Social Media Sales Funnel

Here is my go-to social media sales funnel

  1. Awareness – Someone likes your business page or sees a brand awareness ad you’ve recently run.
  2. Familiarity – Engaging with your social media updates.
  3. Consideration – Tagging you and asking questions about your products, regularly checking your website.
  4. Purchase – Clicking on your product ads and buy buttons to complete their first purchase.
  5. Loyalty – Continuing engagement with your brand on your Twitter handle. Getting any technical issues related to your product fixed, by sending you a message on social media. Referring friends to your brand for discount codes in a referral scheme.

Someone who has never heard of the brand name before will not be likely to buy straight away – therefore the 95% of brands going in for right-hooks on users still at the awareness stage, are wasting their time and money.

However, a user who has been targeted with your social media sales funnel will follow a behaviour similar to the below:

  • Day 1: Sees an advert about how your business or brand works (awareness).


  • Day 3: Notices an organic post with an influencer or staff member talking more about the product or service (familiarity).


  • Day3: Takes a look at the website then closes it down (consideration).
  • Day 5: Sees an advert with a discount voucher or free Ebook and decides to sign-up or buy from you (purchase).
  • Day 7: Receives an email with a new discount voucher if they refer a friend (loyalty).

I promise you, that if you utilise my social media funnel, no matter what your business is or does, you can make your social media marketing profitable.

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