Read All about It: How to Promote Content

So, you’ve spent hours crafting the perfect piece of content. Congratulations! You’re now the proud parent of a bouncing baby blog, post, or guide.

It perfectly balances brand voice and compelling ideas and is sure to grow up to become a valuable, evergreen resource.

So the next thing to consider is: ‘how to promote content?’ to give it the best chance of success.

You see, to nab potential customers and garner those clicks – especially through organic search – a strong promotion strategy is crucial. 

Sure, the creation of engaging cornerstone content is obviously important, but you do need to think about how you’re going to get your readers through the proverbial door. 

Think: ‘If a blog post goes live on a website, and no one’s around to read it… well. It’s not doing its job properly, is it?’

(Yeah, we’re still workshopping that one).

Essentially, good content is great. But it’ll always need some form of amplification. 

Strangely, clever content promotion is often overlooked by marketers – even SEO experts. 

With a Google algorithm that’s growing smarter with each update, it’s imperative that strategies do everything they can to stop their website’s content from sinking into obscurity. 

That’s where we come in.

In this guide, we’ll give you a full lowdown on the best strategies and content promotion tactics to make sure your blogs, guides, and resources sail. 

So let’s dive in.

The Embryo Touch

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Getting Back to Basics

When creating original content, examining the nuts and bolts that make up your blogs, posts and guides is the easiest way to understand where – and when – it should be pushed. 

Sharing content only works if you have your finger on the pulse, whether that’s the ideal audience for your brand or figuring out the social networks that will best receive your services. 

So get personal. That’s the best place to start.

Understanding Your Target Audience

As part of any salient strategy, you’ll have already mapped out and identified your target audiences and their preferences. 

Conducting market research to help you gain insights will make it easier to figure out who you’re actually promoting content to, beyond a general audience.

Creating buyer personas can actually help you drill down and tailor your content promotion strategies. The main draw of using them is through pain points, which actually target the issues and problems your customers are facing rather than ‘fluffy’ content that skirts around the point.

This way, you achieve specific results in less time and greater volume and can match the best social platform for the ‘persona’ who will resonate most with your content. 

Let’s touch on social media sites next.

Utilising Social Media Platforms and Engaging Online Communities

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, you’ll know you won’t get very far without posting, tweeting or even filming content for social channels – even if you don’t use all of them. 

As part of content creation, you’ll already have done the following bread-and-butter implementations: 

  • Increasing organic visibility through search engine optimisation.
  • Your content should incorporate relevant keywords based on keyword research.
  • Improve the authority of your website by building high-quality backlinks.

Once you’ve done the tough bit, it’s now time to promote your content through social media posts and people power. 

As part of your strategy, consider promoting your content where your target audience naturally resides on the world wide web. 

That includes participating in relevant online communities where your relevant content feels like a natural fit, such as: 

  • Forums
  • Groups 
  • Threads 

You can also share valuable content with insightful contributions, hopefully building relationships with those in your community and becoming a trusted resource.

One of the main goals of long-form content is for it to become a long-lasting, evergreen source that can be visited time and time again. 

So the more it is referred to, the more Google and other search engines favour it. 

See? Sometimes writing is a numbers game.

Influencer Marketing and Guest Blogs

Influencer marketing has experienced a boom recently. According to reports, the practice has grown to $16.4 billion in 2022 – with 2023 continuing to push the envelope for trend-lead activity across multiple sectors and platforms.

So how can content creators leverage connections with influencers? 

Well, it’s all about networking. Start by successfully identifying influencers within your niche and create an outreach plan, with the aim of collaboration. 

With a partnership, you essentially get a ‘leg-up’ when it comes to putting your content in front of thousands (sometimes millions) of receptive eyeballs. It also offers further credibility to expand your reach, especially when readers equate endorsement with trust – so get out there and, frankly, get schmoozing. 

Guest blogging and content syndication also work in a similar way. Popular blogs in your particular industry will have plenty of organic traffic day in, day out, and will often be the most fitting place for your content to fit. 

As well as building relationships with other content creators for cross-promotion, posting on reputable platforms automatically puts your work in front of a wider audience. 

This, combined with backlinks to your own website, can be worth its weight in internet gold – often sparking new customers who have discovered your work and now regard you as an ‘industry expert.’ 

And who doesn’t love feeling like a clever-clogs?

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

The joy – and pain – of content creation and promotion is that it can be a trial-and-error game. 

So the only way to succeed is to constantly track, experiment and then pivot your activity accordingly. Once you’ve written, published and promoted your content (whether that’s on a particular platform, harnessing a format or by using content promotion tools) – make sure you take the time to analyse and refine. 

Using analytics tools such as Google’s latest offering, GA4, can help you track the performance of your content promotion efforts – especially when it comes to identifying successful tactics and what can be improved.  

Although there’s no cookie-cutter solution for content promotion, figuring out what works for you and your audience is the key to garnering trust and building a loyal – and responsive – customer base. 

Because when your content is useful, trustworthy and most of all, engaging – it’s certainly worth shouting about.

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