Hospitality to delivery — Helping you to adapt and thrive during COVID-19

During our current crisis, it is important that we do everything we can to adapt to the pressing issues associated with COVID-19. The hospitality industry, in particular, is facing a catastrophic threat. As people are (rightly) being urged by the Government to stay at home and avoid pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés in order to combat the spread of coronavirus, thousands of establishments could end up closing their doors, with hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost.

How can your business weather this storm? Whether you’re a pub, bar, restaurant or café, we can work with you to temporarily adapt your hospitality business into a meal prep/meal delivery service. With millions of families, couples and individuals across the country currently self-isolating — and stocks of even the most basic goods in supermarkets becoming increasingly sparse — there exists an unprecedented demand for home delivery services. We can help you feed this growing demand and keep your business afloat.

We will create an engaging social platform for your business that alerts and informs your local community about your new services. Taking advantage of the new level of demand, our experienced marketing team will then drive people to your page, attract customers and generate a crucial stream of revenue for your business while helping your local community.

Now is the time to adapt your business to not just survive the threat that this current pandemic poses, but to thrive.

Our offer:
£1000 setup and management fee (1 month)
£500 Ad spend for Facebook / Instagram
No Contract

What you get:
· Updated / new Facebook & Instagram accounts
· New adverts telling your local community about your new services
· Management of social accounts — daily monitoring and updating of adverts to ensure you get the maximum return from your investment
· Meal prep cards — designed to suit your branding*
· Flyers
*Not including printing, although we have partners who we can facilitate this for you.


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