“Lets go to Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all this to blow over”

Well said Shaun, I suppose that quote from the film “Shaun Of The Dead” is very fitting as of late!

If you’re like me then you’ll already be dreaming of the day we no longer hear regular updates regarding the C word! Whether it’s online, TV, radio or social media platforms. We seem to be inundated with all things COVID-19.

It’s fair to say that there are countless individuals who feel uneasy about working from home. Perhaps they don’t have an office space, poor wifi, loud working environment, lonely, the list goes on. I suppose my aim here is to shed some light on the situation. I want to emphasise how important it is to ensure we’re all doing what we can to raise each other’s spirits & mental health throughout a time which is filled with uncertainty. Below I have put together a list of things which I feel companies, friends, family, associates etc should be doing in order to make the coming weeks as stress free as possible.

remote working


  1. Checking in – A quick email, video call, Whatsapp, Google Hangout etc are a few ways in which we can check up on one another. The current situation can leave people feeling very separated, doing the above will hopefully ensure that individuals are still feeling connected with colleagues & friends.
  2. Turning the news off – The content we consume reflects heavily on our moods. Steering away from the news is key, replace news updates with things such as podcasts “That Peter Crouch Podcast” is a personal favourite, Music – Get your favourite tunes on whilst you’re working, its proven to boost your mood and hopefully household morale. Reading – Now’s the time to finish that dusty book on your bedside table after months of putting it off! (I have to admit i’m still half way through The Secret from my holiday in Bali 4 months ago)
  3. Exercise – This is probably the thing people will miss out on most, and is arguably one of the most important things to maintain a healthy mind. I’d highly recommend a lunchtime walk/jog, we can all think of a pleasant 20-30 minute route near our homes. If you can’t get out at lunch then be sure to rearrange your walk/jog for after work. If yoga is more your thing then get on YouTube and take your pick, I’ve been doing yoga for around a month and I’m pleasantly surprised by the results both physically & mentally.
  4. Cooking – Whether it’s setting up your laptop in the kitchen or following a cooking book, learning how to cook your favourite dishes is a great way to make the most of the current situation. Joe wicks AKA The Body Coach has got countless “lean in 15” videos which are easy to follow and cater for all dietary requirements.
  5. Household games – Monopoly, puzzles & scrabble are a few timeless classics. If your family’s like mine then you’re better off avoiding all of the above for safety reasons. However, if your family’s not too competitive then organising a games night a couple of nights a week will certainly help you switch off and take your mind off things.

I hope the above points will help people steer away from all the COVID chat and instead, use this time wisely. Rather than wishing the time away we can find ways to learn new things and explore avenues we may not have explored before this.

Reminder: Stop panic buying – There always has been and always will be enough for everyone providing people only buy what they NEED. Think of the NHS staff that live alone and can’t shop at regular hours.

Social Distancing: Whilst we’d all love to go to the pubs, gyms, football training etc. All it’s doing is slowing down the recovery process. The sooner we respect the government process’ the sooner we can all enjoy the beer gardens again. Stay safe!


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