Gen Z Marketing: 25 Key Statistics and Trends You Need to Know

Gen Z isn’t your average generation. Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Z has grown up in a digital era that’s constantly evolving. They’re the true digital natives, masters of social media, and trendsetters extraordinaire. Understanding and connecting with this vibrant generation is essential for brands targeting the new demographic and upcoming generations.

Here in this blog, we unravel the latest statistics and trends to give you an extra edge in capturing the hearts and minds of Gen Z consumers.

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5 Compelling Reasons Gen Z is an Ideal Demographic

many people use mobile for search

  1. Be there or be square, the digital space is where you should be as Gen Z spends an average of 3.4 hours per day on their smartphones.
  2. They are the largest generation, making up around 26% of the global population, who wouldn’t want to get a piece of that?
  3. The generation is projected to become the largest consumer group by 2026.
  4. Get them on your side! Gen Z is highly influential in shaping purchasing decisions for their families and peers.
  5. This one alone should convince you: 32% of Gen Z consumers shop online at least once daily.

25 Stats on Gen Z and Social Media Marketing

  1. Gen Z represents the largest demographic on TikTok, with 60% of its user base. 
  2. 85% of Gen Z uses social media to learn about new products or services.
  3. Mobile first, Gen Z is more likely to respond to mobile ads compared to other generations.
  4. They’re a strong heartfelt generation, and Gen Z is more likely to purchase from brands that support causes they believe in.
  5. TikTok videos have an engagement rate 3 times higher than Instagram videos.
  6. Payment options have grown more popular over the past few years and Gen Z are no different. 55% of the generation will use “buy now, pay later” at least once a year
  7. Forget those celebrity fees, 59% of Gen Z prefers to see ads that show real people rather than celebrities.
  8. Delivery is a big contender for Gen Z, with one-third of Gen Z customers deciding what to buy based on delivery choices.
  9. TikTok is fantastic in introducing Gen Z to new products, with 62% of TikTok users having discovered new products on the platform.
  10. 97% say that social media is their number one way to discover shopping choices.
  11. Unlike most social media platforms, 64% of Snapchat ads are viewed with the sound on, so there’s a good chance your audio will be heard by Gen Z, who make up 77% of users within the UK.
  12. TikTok videos are a must, with Gen Z being 2.6 times more likely to discover new brands on TikTok compared to other platforms.
  13. It’s time to think about an app, as most Gen Z buyers use store apps to get rewards or bonuses.
  14. With Gen Z, it’s not always about who you follow, as 54% of TikTok users report watching videos from influencers and content creators they don’t follow.
  15. 62% of Gen Z prefers brands that create authentic and relatable content.
  16. It’s not all about Tik Tok though, as 64% of Gen Z use Instagram daily.
  17. 61% of Gen Z users have been motivated to make a purchase after seeing a product in a TikTok video.
  18. 74% of Gen Z expects brands to take a stand on important social issues.
  19. 61% of Gen Z prefers short movies under a 1-minute long.
  20. Coupons and reward programs are also important to 65% of Gen Z customers.
  21. 53% of Gen Z members purchased on their phone or tablet in the last six months.
  22. 83% of Gen Z shops on social media, if you’re not running dynamic paid social ads, you’re missing out!
  23. Out of stock, out of mind… 65% of Gen Z buyers don’t want to see items sold out when shopping online.
  24. 55% of Gen Z prefers good brands for the environment and people
  25. Authenticity is crucial for Gen Z, with 67% preferring to see real people in ads and 54% wanting to be in charge of what they share about themselves. 

mobile users screen time

We hope the above stats have helped you to understand more about Gen Z, what they stand for, and where they are online!

As the years evolve, Gen Z will have become more and more prevalent within marketing audiences and the forever-moving landscape of digital marketing so it’s important now, more than ever, to get up to date with the latest trends. 


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