7 Data Facts about Twitter

92% of the overall tweets on the platform are created by 10% of the users.

According to the stats published by the social shepherd, 10% of Twitter users are responsible for 92% of Tweets. They went on to say that actually most people on the platform only post once per month, which leaves you to question whether people actually use Twitter to consume or create content. 

Users expect a response from brands within an hour.

Webfx has shared some of their top Twitter insights, and it was interesting that they came to the conclusion that 78% of users who tweet a brand expect them to reply back within the hour. This level of response would require someone to continuously check the platform for any notifications and curate a response. 

When you think of brands on Twitter that actually have made a BIG impact, some fan favourites come to mind. My personal favourite is Ryanair, their quick-witted responses are the reason I follow them not only on Twitter but TikTok too!

And, that leads us to our next fact..

Brands that utilise connect campaigns are perceived to be more culturally relevant.

In a study conducted by Twitter itself, they found there to be a direct correlation between a brands cultural relevance and their revenue. Brands that invest more in connecting with their audience through weighing in on trends or events that their customers care about, enables them to achieve that level of open communication and understanding. 

Those who then put spend behind these campaigns are able to reach further than their direct followers. So, no wonder they have seen an 11% increase in brand awareness and 7% increase in brand preference.

This is why we can then understand that..

Twitter is the go-to channel to interact with brands.

In the same study, they stated that it’s the number 1 social media platform in terms of brand interaction. Since we spoke about users wanting a response within an hour from companies, it’s no wonder the platform is ranked so highly when it comes to this metric. More often than none, when a person wants to either get an update on their order, refund, or general enquiry – they will go straight to Twitter to @ them in a tweet as it is perceived to get an instant response over a timely delay from emailing the devoted customer service team.

Ad revenue increased 22.3% YoY.

In Twitter’s Q4 and Fiscal Year 2021 report to their shareholders, they have released a number of figures. Amongst those that were shared, please see the image below for the graph included in the report. They saw a 22% increase in their advertising revenue compared to the previous year. 

It looks like more companies are investing in delivery ads on the platform, this opens the question: Are they seeing more returns from Twitter over the likes of LinkedIn or Facebook?

If you’re not advertising on Twitter and are unsure whether this is the right avenue for your business, get in touch and the paid social team are happy to discuss the best course of action to get you the highest return possible. 

79% of users follow brands.

As we mentioned earlier, Twitter is the best platform to connect brands with their most valuable audiences. So it’s no surprise that nearly 80% of Twitter users follow brands.

Some of the most popular reasons especially for eCommerce brands will be to keep up to date with any new sales or unreleased collections. Pretty Little Thing is among one of the popular brands that use Twitter daily to tweet about news exclusive sales, limited-time offers and teasers of new collections with different influencers. 

19.05 million people in the UK are on Twitter.

Back to the end of 2021, it was recorded that 19.05 million people in the UK had an account on Twitter. Now if you aren’t on the social media platform you could be missing out on vital brand awareness to a significantly large proportion of people. 

Since we discussed that 79% of people follow brands, you could be directly putting your company at a direct disadvantage by relying on other avenues of communication with your consumers. 

Do you want to get started on Twitter?

Are you looking to get ahead of your competitors and jump on the app, or are you struggling with how to take your business further on Twitter? Get in touch with our paid social team and we can help you plan out the perfect strategy to fit your business!


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