5 Ways I Want Microsoft Ads To Improve

The incorporation and utilisation of Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing ads) has been a foundation of the PPC industry for a while now, However, Bing continues to be a secondary growth plan that’s struggling to keep up with Google’s pace.

Having optimised and ran many Microsoft ad campaigns i have listed below some of the features i believe would allow them to close the gap and stop being seen as the ugly sister of the advertising world.

A New Interface

Following in Google’s footsteps, Bing needs ‘a lick of new paint’ and to improve its functionality with a new modern UI. Looking back in comparison I couldn’t imagine reverting google back to the old, slower interface.

With improvements to data analysis and the ease of optimising accounts, it would improve our time management as PPC Managers.

Broad match algorithm

The broad match algorithm currently in place emphasises the term broad. I have seen completely irrelevant search queries triggered from vehicle related terms from a garden furniture keyword. Now Bing has always refunded these, however they should never be featuring in the first place.

Broad match modifier has always been a staple when using Bing for this very reason, however, when we have clients aggressively targeting their network, it’s vital we should be able to use and optimise Microsoft broad match on a similar level to Google’s algorithm.

Importing process

Bing’s importing process is handy and can help you mirror your Bing and Google advertising, however, there is room for improvement.

On my most recent import, there were 800+ errors logged from a basic import for example.

Bing seems to struggle to import negative keywords, anything from the shared library and also rules and scripts.

Bing Keyword research

Unfortunately, the Bing keyword research tool lacks in both accuracy and functionality. You are unable to export keyword lists into spreadsheet format, or gauge accurate search volume without using third party tools.

This increases time taken to do tasks such as keyword research for a new client prospect, or compile keyword data for analysis.

Reaction and pro-activeness

Bing only takes 8% of the browser network so it seems hard to compare it to Google. However, Microsoft ads seem to be stuck in a wave of just waiting for Google to adopt a new feature and they follow suit 3 months later.


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