5 Tips For Companies During A Crisis

Here at Team Embryo we can safely say we’re doing everything necessary to ensure it’s just business as usual (but from home).

Companies which make it through such difficult times will certainly be more resilient & it may actually be a blessing in disguise in the long run.

What I’d like to cover in this blog is just a few tips which I feel could potentially help your company through times like this. Yes, industry plays a huge role but it’s key to continue to identify new ways to excel despite the current situation. 

  1. Adapt. The ability to adapt! As you can see from the above, Nike have swapped their usual sporting slogan of “Just do it” for “play inside, play for the world” in order to support the recent social distancing callouts. Adapting quickly and efficiently is something that will help your business stay in front of both your customers and your competitors.                                                                                            
  2. Connect. Staying connected, if you take your physical consumers out of your store. How are you going to ensure you continue to sell your products or services? Being connected via multiple social media channels whether it’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, it’s essential to keep in touch with your customers. Other methods include email marketing & even flyers for those smaller, local businesses. Whichever method you go by, It’s imperative to keep yourselves in front of your consumers. Remember if you don’t, your competitors will!                                                                                                      
  3. Protect. Protect yourselves from the inside out, there’s not many companies which can afford to continue as normal without any cut backs or reductions. That’s why it’s important for small & medium sized companies to prioritise areas of their business which are most profitable. Using the government furlough scheme is one way to help, this scheme pays employees 80% of their 2019/20 wage up to £2,500pm. However they are not allowed to work during this time. As a marketeer, I feel as though marketing expenses should be one of the last areas companies should be cutting back on. The power of online marketing during times like this can single handedly save businesses. Not only maintaining but growing your online presence and interconnectivity can not only keep your head above water, but excel you above your competitors when emerging out the other side.                               
  4. Create. Being creative in a time like this may prove difficult, however its key to helping any sized business. Whether it’s a new marketing campaign or an internal weekly video call via zoom in order to brainstorm ways to push your brand. It’s important to be proactive.                                                          
  5. Keep Positive. In times like this there’s a lot of worry and uncertainty filtering through a business, it’s crucial to keep energy levels and spirits high. Quizzes, the usual Friday social drinks (via Zoom or Google Hangouts of course), weekly riddles, spot the difference etc. All of the above may seem small but they really do make a big impact.

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