30 Statistics That Show Just How Important Local SEO Is

If you run a business in your local area, you may want to consider reading through some local SEO stats. Local SEO is an incredibly important tool for getting your business off the ground – particularly if you rely on local traffic and conversions. 

Local SEO can also be combined with other areas of digital marketing such as content marketing, creating a foolproof marketing campaign that should boost your business in no time. At Embryo, one of our specialities is long-form content, which can be used with other SEO tactics to increase traffic and conversions.

Conducting your own research into the world of local SEO will enable you to boost your sales, as well as making potential customers in your area more aware of your business presence.

Local SEO forms a key part of our marketing strategy here at Embryo. However, it’s just one of the areas in which we thrive. 

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Local SEO Stats You Can’t Ignore

Naturally, all of the statistics laid out here are important. But there are some figures you can’t ignore if you want to ensure your business is successful.

Interesting Mobile Local SEO Statistics

With the rise of smartphone technology over the last few decades, more and more people are now using their phones to search for information, instead of logging onto a computer. As such, it’s important to tailor your business to local users.

Other Major Local SEO Stats You Need to Know

Local SEO is more important than ever, showing that people still seek out local businesses, despite the popularity of online shopping. It’s never been more important to utilise local SEO within your business, and these statistics show why!

Important Google Statistics

Google is the main search engine used around the world – as such, it’s important to gear your marketing strategies towards Google’s algorithm. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore other search engines, but most of your efforts should be put towards Google.

General SEO Stats That Apply to Local Businesses

When using digital marketing to promote your business, it’s important to focus on all aspects of SEO within your strategy. These statistics show why organic SEO is just as important as local SEO.

Go Local With Embryo

As you can see from these statistics, local SEO is a crucial tool for any business. The advent of internet technology and smartphones over the last couple of decades has led to new local SEO techniques being developed. Most people now search for local information online, when compared to more traditional methods. 

As such, successful businesses need to learn about local SEO strategies, so they can make their marketing campaigns more successful. If you’d like to find out more about local SEO, our Learning Local SEO page will fill you in on everything you need to know. 

If you’d like some help with your marketing strategy, our helpful team is here to help. At Embryo, we’re one of the UK’s premiere digital marketing agencies, covering a wide range of disciplines within the field.

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