30 Pinterest Stats in 2023

Ask 100 people what they think the top three favourite social media platforms are and Pinterest is unlikely to feature. And, while it’s not the behemoth that Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is, Pinterest is a unique platform. Unlike others, the people on Pinterest have a far higher level of buying intent than those scrolling elsewhere, people go to Pinterest for inspiration, which leads to sales.

Ever renovated a house, got married, or landscaped a garden? Well the chances are, you’ve used a Pinterest board to shape what you want your house, dress, or garden to look like. These boards provide a natural platform for brands to gently advertise themselves, targeting the very people who are already sold on the idea of a given product.

At Embryo, we’ve seen such fantastic results for our clients on Pinterest that we created a report all about this platform. Titled ‘The Power of the Pin’ it examines all the ways in which you can use Pinterest to grow your sales. Before reading that though, why not check out these 30 Pinterest statistics? These statistics will help you create a successful strategy on the platform and give you a wider appreciation as to why we, and our clients, love this platform so much.

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Seven Top-Level Pinterest Stats That Everyone Should Know

  • 445 million people use Pinterest every month.

Pinterest announced in their Q3 2022 report that up to that moment they had 445 million people using their platform to spark ideas and influence their next purchases each month.

  • That’s a 10.1% increase from 2020.

If we look at past reports, we can see that actually, Pinterest reported in 2020 they achieved only 400 million people. Therefore they have managed to gain 45 million more people who use their platform every month that go to them to bring their ideas to life or create boards for future projects.

  • 60% of Pinterest’s audience is women.

In 2020 Pinterest reported that actually 60% of their global audience is made up of women, and the social giant seems really proud of it!

  • 86.2% of Pinterest users also use Instagram

According to Hootsuite’s Global State of Digital 2022 report, they have looked into social media users and what different platforms they are active on. They’ve found that 86.2% of Pinterest users are also active on Instagram, which is not surprising since both platforms rely prominently on the creative aspect e.g. images and videos.

  • 56.5% of Pinterest users also use TikTok

As we just mentioned before Hootsuite conducted a report at the end of 2022 where they looked at all aspects of digital, globally. Surprisingly, there are not that many people who use Pinterest that also use TikTok. This is interesting as TikTok heavily relies on the creative like Pinterest however,  the audience between the two must be vastly different with this large difference.

  • 41.8% of Pinterest users also use LinkedIn

Like the previous points, it’s interesting to see the audience difference between LinkedIn and Pinterest. LinkedIn is mostly used as a professional platform although recently has been driving its users to use more images, videos and other creative avenues in their posts. So that leaves the question could more LinkedIn users starts to use Pinterest in the future if LinkedIn pushes more heavily on the creative?

Pinterest Usability Statistics

  • 240 billion+ pins have been saved

Pinterest report that they have over 240 billion saved pins which are actually spread across over 4 billion boards. So you can just see the massive opportunity this platform has to increase the awareness of your brand through this social media network.

10 Pinterest Advertising Statistics

  • The potential reach of 225.7 million users

Pinterest has recorded to advertisers who are wanting to use this platform to achieve their business objectives can achieve a potential reach of 225.7 million users globally. That’s a little bit more than half of their current global users in January 2022.

  • 12.4% increase in advertising reach

As outlined in Hootsuite’s Global Trends report in 2022 has increased 12.4% year on year. increase in year on year in Pinterest ad reach in January 2022.

  • 25%+ of consumers use Pinterest to find/buy products

It has been reported that over 25% of Pinterest usage can be directly attributed to people wanting to find new products and have a purchase intent. Which can reflect a much higher response than other social media platforms.

  • 80% of users will search for a brand off Pinterest

Pinterest helps spark ideas and creation, therefore if a user is able to find a brand on this network that intrigues them they will go off the platform and search the brand’s website but also see if they have the ability to see a physical store. Therefore, Pinterest has huge influential power on consumers’ shopping behaviour.

  • Pinterest shoppers spend 2 times more than other social networks

Pinterest has released statistics that have stated that Pinterest shoppers spend 2 times more monthly than other social media giants like Twitter, Snapchat etc.

  • 25% of marketers use Pinterest

Statista reported that 25% of advertisers use Pinterest to increase the visibility of their brand in 2020.

Pinterest UK Stats: Five Essential Numbers

Three Final Interesting Pinterest Statistics

Convinced as to the Power of the Pin?

Hopefully, these stats are just the beginning of your belief in the power of Pinterest! We at Embryo are certainly convinced, especially our award-winning paid social team. It is a platform that can be cleverly utilised by brands and those wanting to increase sales across paid social. For more on Pinterest, or our wider paid social strategies and campaigns, feel free to get in touch with our sales team today.


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