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Expanding the Inn Collection Group’s Online Presence to drive an 87% increase in conversions


Who are The Inn Collection Group?

Owners of multiple premium hospitality properties across Northumberland, the Lake District, Tyne and Wear, Yorkshire, and County Durham.

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The Brief

To increase the number of page-one keywords that The Inn Collection Group rank for to drive bookings

Having already established themselves as a key operator in the tourism industry in the north, The Inn Collection Group wanted to take things a step further and invest heavily in paid and organic search in order to widen their net of customer acquisition.

Their main goal was to rank for non-branded keywords so that potential customers, who weren’t specifically searching for an Inn Collection Group inn, could find them. Whilst they wanted paid campaigns that targeted lookalike audiences.

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Our Approach

Pairing Paid and Organic Channels to Drive Brand Awareness and Bookings

Our team worked closely with The Inn Collection Group to establish how they wanted to present the different venues, which websites needed work, and a strategy that would achieve their goals.

Organic Strategy

Our Organic team underwent extensive keyword research into terms that users were searching for when looking for accommodation similar to those of the Inn Collection group venues.

Once these were found, we then worked on adding fresh and optimised content to the different Inn Collection websites. This content we created supported existing content and centred around increasing the amount of local content on the relevant pages. This was to help the group rank for crucial, local key terms that were being searched by people looking to book accommodation with a business such as The Inn Collection Group.

Whilst our content team was busy crafting this content, our technical SEO team underwent a comprehensive search engine optimisation audit, comprised of page speed and structure and links. This audit identified areas which our tech team then fixed, taking the health score of the site from 36/100 to 71/100.

  • 143.6%

    Increase in ranking keywords (15,918)

  • 53.2%

    Increase in ranking keywords in position 1-10 (2,126)

  • 21.9%

    Increase in new users

  • 20.9%

    Increase in organic sessions


Return On Ad Spend

PPC Strategy

To support the work of our organic team and to further the results for the group our PPC team created and implemented a paid search strategy that centred around keywords that focused on the locations of the Inn Collection Group venues and the amenities those venues had. This helped to increase the online visibility of the brand and make more of an impact in a highly competitive market.

Our campaigns also used non-branded terms to maximise visibility at the top of the funnel, helping to grow awareness and visibility of the Inn Collection Group. By using a commission-based bidding strategy we could ensure the budget was only spent when a booking was made, which in turn increased the return on ad spend.

  • 87%

    Increase in conversions

  • 166%

    Increase in clicks (265,300)

The Inn Collection Group - Kings Head

Client Testimonial

What the Client Said

"From the very start, Embryo understood our goals, and their campaigns have exceeded our expectations. We're delighted to work with the team and look forward to furthering our success in 2023.”

Zoe Cooper, Digital Marketing Manager, Inn Collection Group

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