What Will SEO Become? What Is The Future of Search Engine Optimisation?

What will be the future of SEO for website owners over the next five years? I do have an idea, and I think that it involves understanding more, and working more with, ‘signals’. I think that with each Google algorithm update, they fine tune themselves to evermore signals that help it to decide what is a worthy web page (or not). And because of this, the nature of a standalone SEO, working on his/her own, in a siloed department will be something that is less and less of a ‘thing’.

See, I think that the future of an SEO (as in the physical being) is to be ‘at one’ with social media, paid media, and even offline teams. Many would argue that they do this already – and I am sure that there are just a few – but the mainstream SEO certainly is not.

In the short time that SEO has been a thing, the greasy-haired, bedroom-dwelling supergeek that was able to manipulate web pages to increase rankings has had to turn themselves into an office-friendly (what happened to offices, eh?) clean-shaven, client-facing being. The industry has matured so much in a short time, yet the industry is still in it’s infancy in so many ways. What we think of as cutting edge now will be laughed at by future generations of SEO.

So, based on the above, I say that understanding what signals are used to create solid search rankings, and then making web pages in accordance with these signals – such as making each page as contextual as it could possibly be – is the future of SEO.

“But that is the exact same thing as now” you may be saying. And you would be correct. It’s just that the buttons and levers that we push and pull right now will change into various other methods. Much like the humongous buttons that I used on my VCR back in the early 1980’s turned into beautifully-crafted metal touch-sensitive buttons and sliders on my latest Samsung TV remote, what we will need to do will change.

Content will still need to be well-written, useful, ontological, contextual. Inbound links will still need to be useful, helpful, and from useful and/or relevant sources. Load speed will be still a huge advantage. Menu’s will still need to be useful (and more contextual). Code will still need to be as clean as possible (to ensure that there are no opportunities for mistakes in Google robots reading it).

But seeing SEO as an isolationist duty, and even an isolated department, will surely have to become a thing of the past. From the very beginning of a site build, to the very first meeting between the social media team looking to build a new campaign, the SEO working on this client should be involved. Same goes for meetings between any team(s) within the business.

And I suppose here lies what SEO will become, in my humble opinion. Instead of leading the way for online marketing campaigns, as it has now done for 20+ years, it will turn into the people (not departments) that underpins every other strategy that is created by departments within a business. So:

“SEO will move away from taking the online marketing lead, to underpinning all other online strategies.”

There, I said it.

Here’s what others are saying about the future of SEO. I’m not so sure I agree with each one.

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