What Has The UK Been Searching For?

The last year has resulted in some very strange consumer behaviour. Not surprising really – it’s been a very strange year. When we first went into lockdown back in March 2020, we were all searching on Google for ‘Zoom’, ‘Home office equipment’, and ‘wine delivery’. Now we’re on our way out of lockdown working along Boris’ roadmap, Google Trends can show us what we’re all searching for this time around.

If you think that you’re the only one with a swanky new gazebo in your back garden – think again!


Ahhh the British weather. It’s all well and good that we can now meet in groups of six in our gardens, but there is still that small issue of the rain. But, we’re made of hardy stuff, and a bit of precipitation won’t stop us from seeing our loved ones after a year of isolation.

The answer – a gazebo!

I must admit I’m guilty of purchasing a last-minute gazebo for £30 from The Range last week before hosting a BBQ. It’s not just gazebo’s that do the job of keeping us dry in the garden – the fancier searcher among us are searching for ‘pergolas’ to keep them dry.


Keeping with the same theme, from Google trends that we’re all looking at firepits to keep us warm during our garden events.


Pubs with beer gardens

Probably the least surprising of them all is that since we were told pubs with beer gardens could open on 12th April, there has been a huge increase in people looking for ‘pubs with beer gardens’ and ‘pubs with beer gardens near me’. The search volume peaked on the exact date the beer gardens were allowed to open, making the establishments that had the best SEO very happy indeed as the customers flocked to enjoy a cold outdoor pint!

Vaccine Centres

I haven’t been the most complimentary of our government during the last year, but I think we can all agree that the vaccine roll out in the UK is an amazing success, with over 50% of our population vaccinated already. You can see that we’ve got a big appetite to get vaccinated in the country, with hundreds of people a day searching for terms related to the vaccine.


We all deserve a holiday after the year we’ve just had. It’s still up in the air about which countries we might be able to travel to, and people are trying to get more knowledge about where they might be able to get a trip abroad. There has been talk that Boris will be releasing a list of countries with a traffic light system, with a green list country being one you can travel to without compulsory quarantine or fines. Below you can see that the search trends for people searching for ‘countries on the green list’.

Everyone wants to know about covid passports, with Google searches peaking from 4th- 10th April. I guess once the pubs opened we were all too drunk to care, right?


If you want to find out what the UK has been searching for, head to Google Trends.


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