Use Facebook To Link Build, Get The Most Out Of Your Social Platforms

We often see people on forums and online chats talking about how hard it is to build links through ‘guest posting’ and other common techniques. It is becoming more and more difficult to get permission to write a blog and get a link because of how precious good, weighty links are nowadays, compared to, say, 10 years ago.

We all use Facebook, but haven’t ever used it to its full extent because, well… people don’t know how. Now, I’m going to show you a way that I’ve been taught to get guest posts on websites that are trustworthy and relevant to you and your site by using Facebook as the ‘middleman’.

Join Facebook Groups

By joining relevant Facebook groups on your personal account or a ‘client’s’ account, you can see the number of people in your field or your business category. Let’s take a food site as an example – you are the owner and you want to get links to your site through guest posting; you have tried emailing as many sites as you can to accept your blogs but none of them will put them live or accept it at all. Your time has been wasted and potential weighty links have been taken from you, but there is still hope! There are thousands and thousands of like-minded people that are less corporate and ‘harsh’, but want what you want and will build a relationship with you, so you can help each other to be successful in your own ways.

You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For

Once you’ve seen the amount of people you can communicate to by joining Facebook groups, now we can get into asking for the links you came here to get. Prepare yourself though, because if you are new to link building and haven’t had much experience in being told ‘NO’ then you’re in for a surprise. I’m not saying that this technique is going to get you 100% of the links you ask for, because a lot of people are going to say no and not be very nice about it, but you should always ask anyway, because you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

Let’s write our message to the group members! Go onto the group you have entered and open up the first person you see on the ‘liked by’ list. Now make a message on a private page and write out what you want to say to them to win them over. I would word it with the following in mind:

  • Begin with ‘Hello’ and their name.
  • Explain what you are asking for (not the link but to guest post).
  • Offer money – if you have a budget for your link building than make sure you use it, as even if you offer £10 to get a link, people always go where there is money.
  • Show genuine interest in their site or their blog – be interested!
  • Explain why it will help them (for example, you will be giving them a useful and insightful blog post for their users).
  • Give them the option of what you will write (If it is a food site maybe they want a blog on ‘The benefits of chocolate’). Let them choose!
  • Thank them for taking their time to read your message.
  • Tell them you will look forward to their response and make them feel like they need to reply!
  • Put your name at the bottom of the message.

Structure your message from the top of that list and work your way down. Make it sincere but also clear and assertive, to make sure you get what you ask for.

The Awaited Reply

This is what we want, a reply. Let’s have a look at the two ways this could go

  1. They could reply with a “No, but thank you”

or we could get

  1. “This seems interesting, please tell me more?”

If the 2nd reply is the one we get, we’ve hit the jackpot. This is where we can seal the deal to get that all important link. I will let you make your reply as I think you can expound on that and tell them what the need to hear.

The problems that I’ve faced when I’ve asked to write a blog often arise in between the time the blog owner accepted it, to them receiving the blog to put live. Make sure you are as efficient as possible through the algorithm, which is:

Guest posting accepted – Writing the blog – Sending out the blog – Getting the live link.

A very short and simple algorithm but one of the hardest to follow for people, as we often get bogged down with other things like work or our personal life, the blog is never written and you’ve lost your link. Getting writing the blog as soon as they have accepted it and getting that blog out to them on the same day is the best thing you can do in this situation, because the longer people wait the less interested they become.

If you do have to wait a few days for the blog to be written because you simply can’t write it in the same day then make sure you communicate! Tell the person you are writing for that it will take you a few days because of the length of the blog or that for the best quality posts it takes a few days. Convince them that they should wait, because it will be worth it.

Let’s Look At Some Statistics

I’m going to give you some statistics that may look worrying but if you’ve been doing this for a long time then you will know that it’s not a big deal.

When you are storming through messaging people on Facebook and you’ve got through lets say, 3000 users across the platform in many different groups, statistically only 60 users out of 3000 are going to accept guest posting from you.If you have done this for some time than you will know how important 60 links are to your site, but if you are new to this, don’t worry because you will learn the value of links throughout your career in link building and SEO.

To reiterate, 60/3000 users will accept guest posting, which is 1/50 users. I am confident that if you work a full day using this technique, you can get through 3000 people meaning that you will get 60 accepted links to your site (theoretically!). Now when I said you shouldn’t have worried about those statistics I meant it, because after doing this you can now see the results and they are worth it!

The Results You’ll Get

If you use this technique the results you get will help your site massively. It doesn’t matter if you get 1 link from your work or 60, – obviously if you have 60 it is more beneficial than having 1 but 1 is better than none.

Having links can lead to:

  • Improved rankings.
  • Higher traffic.
  • Google will trust your site more.
  • Higher vote of confidence.
  • Brand/site awareness.

Keep using this technique as much as you can to get the best results, because the numbers of people on Facebook are almost endless!


Quick Reminder!

Make sure you get do-follow links from the sites you are getting links from, we don’t want a link that has no ‘link juice’.


If you struggle to implement this technique or struggle in general with link building or your SEO then be sure to contact Embryo Digital or call us on 0161 327 2635. We will look forward to hearing from you!


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