UKFAST (FAST) Remain the leading company on the Embryo Index

Since the launch of our Index in August this year, UKFAST (FAST) are still taking the lead with their outstanding score of 2150.55. 

How do UKFAST have such a high score?

Their trophy cabinet currently consists of:

  • Social Media Power-user- uses social media expertly and amassed plenty of followers.
  • Staying Power- started about before the year 2000.
  • 1000+ Club- has an Embryo Index score of over 1000.
  • Web Authority- has an authoritative website.
  • Good Content- generally has good content on the site.
  • Trusted by Establishment- linked to and from university and government websites.
  • Publisher- understands how to work with the local press and the importance of their own content.
  • Networking- understands and uses the power of networking in the city.
  • Brand Awareness- a well-known brand in the city.
  • Good link profile- has a solid inbound link profile.

UKFAST (FAST) are a UK leading web hosting provider who have been recognised for this by receiving a number of awards over the years.  Since 2010 they have been listed every year as one of the ‘great places to work’ as well as winning the ‘UK Cloud’ awards in 2017. Their head office facilities in Manchester include a purpose-built gym for their staff, free exercise and yoga classes, steam room, cinema screening room, table tennis and pool, computer gaming area and so much more! They are not only the leading company on the index but they’re also leading the way in the technology sector scoring 41.12 points ahead of NCC Group who are quickly increasing on the index. 

What is the Embryo Index and how can I see my company score?

We built the ‘Embryo Index’ in order to help business owners and professionals across Manchester and Greater Manchester improve upon their current marketing strategy. If you would like to see your business on the Embryo Index or chat with us about the variety of ways that you can improve your index score with the help of SEOsocial media or outbound marketing then contact us today on 0161 327 2635 and we would be happy to help!



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