The Yield of Digital PR

In Digital PR, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in the press.

We’re not just aiming to get your name out there, we’re aiming to create a buzz that resonates and sticks. Doing this well largely relies on the expertise and experience of the DPR working on the account, they need to have creativity, skill and a keen eye for an angle. Getting DPR results with just one story is hard, but not impossible. 

We’ll dive into how to deliver fantastic results and brand notoriety from the first story whilst also delivering impressive results for SEO and creating a ‘halo effect’ across all marketing channels. 

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Crafting Compelling Stories

Imagine capturing your audience’s attention with a story so captivating that it lingers in their minds long after the user has scrolled away. That’s the power of Digital PR. Crafting compelling stories is at the heart of the strategy, and landing just one or two of these stories in the right place at the right time can be a game changer for your brand.

These aren’t your average stories; they’re narratives that present innovation, bring something new to the market and sometimes pull at the heartstrings. Digital PR ensures that these stories aren’t confined to low DA websites or local news sites, they have legs in national news sites both in the UK and across the world. The result is that your brand becomes more than just a name; it becomes a story that people remember and share.

An Example:

Last year, we wrote a product-focused story that generated outstanding results for our client, Opera Beds. We wrote about the health benefits of the ‘Zero-Gravity’ sleeping position, which can be achieved on the client’s adjustable beds.

Opera Beds, we achieved 35 pieces of coverage and 20 links, most notable in Huffington Post (UK & US). The stats on this are as follows:

  • 92.4% of the referral traffic from this article became engaged users, leading to almost 200 conversions
  • On that day, users increased from 200-300 per day to almost 20,000 – which continued into the month
  • On that day, clicks increased from an average
    of 300 daily clicks to 1,011. Impressions rose to 3,200
  • On that day, there was a 663% increase in page views
    (64,000) compared with the same date in 2022
  • 100’s of leads from the UK and US

As you can see, one great story placed strategically can deliver outstanding results from the get-go. 

Building Notoriety

Brand notoriety isn’t just about being known; it’s about being known in all the right places. Digital PR allows your stories to travel far and wide. 

Stories are often shared through social media, take the example for Opera Beds above, the social engagement on this was in the thousands, story sparking conversations and creating a community around your brand. This is the kind of notoriety Digital PR can bring. It’s not about shouting into the void; it’s about becoming part of the online dialogue, making your brand recognisable and relatable. 

Smart Investment in Digital PR

Budgets are tight, and marketing decisions need to be smart. Digital PR is not just cost-effective; it’s a savvy investment with the potential for a significant return. Traditional PR methods often come with a hefty price tag and limited reach. Digital PR, on the other hand, can be targeted, precise and impactful.

The key lies in the focused approach of Digital PR. It ensures that your stories reach the right audience at the right time, minimising wastage and maximising impact. And here’s the beauty of it – the content created through Digital PR doesn’t expire if done right. Stories that hold evergreen quality hold their value long after the initial release, providing sustained visibility and brand building over time.

Seamlessly Integrating into SEO Strategies

SEO and Digital PR have a symbiotic relationship. When your stories get picked up by authoritative websites and media outlets, it’s not just good for your brand’s credibility; it holds a lot of SEO value.  

Backlinks are seen as golden endorsements from credible sources, they tell search engines that your website is a reliable source of information, boosting your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Littering branded and non-branded keywords through your offsite and onsite also content helps rankings and visibility through the SEPRs.  It’s like climbing the ladder of visibility, one keyword and backlink at a time. 

Further to this, the social signals generated by DPR activities – the likes, shares, and comments on social media – send positive signals to search engines. They love content that people engage with, and this engagement becomes a driving force behind your improved SEO performance.

To Conclude 

Digital PR stands can take your company from being just another name to a memorable and engaging brand. With just one (maybe two) compelling narratives, you can create waves of brand notoriety and visibility across multiple channels.

This isn’t just about spending budget; it’s about investing it wisely. Digital PR is good choice for brands looking to maximise their impact at the top of the funnel without breaking the bank. And when seamlessly integrated into a broader SEO strategy, the results can be fantastic.

To learn more about our DPR feel free to get in touch with our team by phone at 0161 327 2635 or email [email protected]

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