The Rise of Streaming and How This Impacts Digital PR

The online world is constantly evolving, and from living in this ‘new norm,’ we have seen how much people around the world have relied on streaming services as a form of escape. Whether that’s to help you unwind, learn more about nature or step into fantasy land. We have seen how each of these platforms gives us something fresh and entertaining to watch every evening. But what if we noticed that we could see how this content impacts consumer behaviour and digital PR campaigns? With everyone having access to technology and social media every day, can see how trending hashtag can help create the next news story. From looking at popular hashtags like #FalconandWintersoilder, #LineofDuty or #Seaspiracy, we can see how the public reacts to each episode, documentary, or film. You can see how social media is helping increase audience views and trending stories to appear from the media.

However, most journalists who cover stories based on film and cinema sit on the entertainment desk. But we have noticed that more writers are jumping on these trending topics as they want their story to be spotted first so they can increase article views and gain more long-term readers. But as you know, not everything we watch has a great plot line, so it’s important to stay away from shows that aren’t entertaining. But if you are not sure where to start, we recommend that you check out Netflix’s Top 10 or Amazons featured carousel as these features will allow you to see what other people are watching and what experts at these companies advise a good show or film to watch.

On the other hand, if you love data and think more about the public as a journalist. You can use tools like LinkInfluence to summarise the trending hashtags across Instagram and Twitter to find out what people think about these streaming services and what their favourite things are to watch. Along with getting creative control of the story, you plan to outreach. You can also use a media database like Roxhill to track what journalists are writing worldwide by using their PinPoint tool, as it will flag keywords that relate to Netflix, Amazon Prime, UK TV or Disney+. Along with finding out what everyone loves to watch at home, you can start to think about what people will like to know and how you can implement this in a fun way.

Being creative is one thing, but you’ve got to think if people care about the information you share for this to work. You need to ask yourself questions like – Is this groundbreaking enough as a newsjacking piece? Am I giving anything new for people to know about their favourite character, film or show?  If you can answer these questions, you are on the right track, but if not, you need to take a step back, watch and research into what you plan to write about, as it’s your words, knowledge and understanding of the media landscape which allows your email to stand out of the crowd when you pitch this as you understand not only what these writers want but what their readers are missing. 


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