The Life Of Steven Bartlett

I’ve been wanting to do a blog post on Steven Bartlett for a while as recently I have listened to a lot of his podcasts and currently, I’m in the middle of reading his book, Happy Sexy Millionaire and found it interesting how he contradicts many popular beliefs we are born raised to believe hence why I wanted to dive a little deeper into his own personal journey.

Who Is Steven Bartlett?

Steven was originally born in Botswana where he then soon moved to the UK at the age of two to the city of Plymouth where he spent most of his childhood attending Plymstock School. At the age of 22, he then went on to study Business Management at Manchester Metropolitan University where he dropped out after attending just one lecture, and to this day he is now known as an entrepreneur, public speaker, author, podcast host, investor, and more recently the latest recruit of the TV show Dragons Den. 

The Making Of Social Chain

The path that ultimately led to the creation of Social Chain all started back in University where Steven has explained that within that first lecture, he looked around the room where he just saw a bunch of hungover students and thought to himself “this wasn’t going to take me where I needed to go”. Therefore, instead of persevering through his studies and riding out the University life, he wanted to make the decision right there and then and that exact year is where it all changed for Steven and his journey to achieving success. That same year Steven quit University and joined forces with his business partner Dom McGregor to found the two marketing companies known by many within the marketing industry as The Social Chain and Media Chain.

Life After Social Chain


Since leaving Social Chain, Steven has now turned his focus onto other ventures which he has either co-founded or invested in. One example of this is he joined the board as a non-executive director of the popular food replacement company, Huel, which currently turns over around £72 million a year and is often promoted through his podcast, Diary of a CEO. Some other ventures he has started include a company called thirdweb which is a new platform that anyone can use to create and manage a Web3 project which allows people to add features such as NFTs, social tokens, and marketplaces without the need of writing code as well as becoming an advisor for Atai life sciences which is a company solely focused on working to cure mental health issues.

Podcast Host

The Diary of a CEO podcast is one of the most successful podcasts out there for business which rakes in over £1 million a year in advertising. In one of his episodes, he talks about his own personal journey and mentions how he started his podcast with just a £90 microphone and a duvet over his head at 3 am making content with no clear plan or direction as he was just experimenting at the time which has now since taken off massively.


He also released his first ever book, Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfilment, Love and Success, which became a Sunday Times bestseller that openly discusses the popular beliefs about happiness and what we have actually incorrectly been led to believe which is also a common theme on his podcast, The Diary of a CEO, which we previously discussed.

What Has Steven Bartlett Achieved So Far?

  • Steven’s net worth to this day is estimated to be around £50 million
  • He is the youngest person to ever join the hit show, Dragon’s Den
  • His appearance on Dragon Dens added an additional 700,000 viewers to the show’s ratings compared to the previous series.
  • Starting the business, Social Chain that has since grown to be worth over £300 million
  • He published his first book, Happy Sexy Millionnaire, which became a Sunday Times bestseller
  • He has been named on the Forbes 30 under 30 lists
  • Won entrepreneur rising star at the Black British Business Awards
  • He was inducted into Manchester’s Hall of Fame by the Mayor of Greater Manchester
  • He was voted by Econsultancy as the “Most Influential Industry Figure” back in 2018.

If you are interested in learning more about Steven Bartlett’s journey to success, then check out this video below where he explains what obstacles he has faced as well as what he believes truly makes us happy. You can also watch all his podcasts through the Diary of a CEO youtube channel where he has interviewed some highly influential and successful individuals such as Molly Mae, Ben Francis, Patricia Bright, and many more.


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