The Battle of the Christmas Adverts 2020

The month of November has finally arrived, where we get to enjoy the heartwarming, and quite often tear-jerking Christmas advert campaigns, that hit our big screens from some of the biggest brands in the world. Each year the competition gets bigger and better as the likes of Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot returns, and new characters such as John Lewis’s Excitable Edgar the Dragon that launched in their Christmas advert of 2019. Which advert will be your Christmas favourite this year? Our Digital Marketing team at Embryo cast their votes and the results are in with our top three winning Christmas advert campaigns of 2020 so far… 

In 3rd place, it’s Aldi with ‘Kevin the Carrot’

For the fourth year running, Kevin the Carrot has featured in Aldi’s Christmas campaigns, filling their stores with lifesize cuddly toy Kevins, who was soon to be accompanied by Katie the Carrot who featured in 2017. The question is, does this year live up to our expectations? Kevin the Carrot finds himself on a quest to return home for Christmas as he is seen journeying through the snow with a hedgehog, in order to get back to his family in time for Christmas Day. AS they dash through the snow, he is stumbled upon by Santa who is seen flying him home, in a scene reminiscent of E.T, where he is then returned safe and sound to his family as the iconic Home Alone Christmas theme tune starts to play. A cosy and festive ending for Kevin- just what we all like to see!

In 2nd place, it’s Amazon with ‘The Show Must Go On’

Now I have to admit, this was a close call to being the top spot from the votes at Embryo (including my own vote I might add). Amazon has so brilliantly taken the global crisis of 2020 and flipped it on its head with their ‘The Show Must Go On’ Christmas campaign, leaving us with hope and positivity to keep on going no matter what. The advert stars a young girl preparing for her star lead in her ballet performance at The School of Dance Academy show. As she continues to practice wherever possible, over and over again, news breaks out that the coronavirus is getting worse, forcing people to remain at home and thus causing her show to be cancelled (sounding familiar right?). The ballet show is then taken to the rooftop of her building for all of her neighbours to see, as she dances her solo ballet performance amongst the snow in the night. A truly powerful and uplifting message that we all need to hear this Christmas. Bravo Amazon- Encore. 

Now for the Top spot of 2020 (Drum Roll Please)…

Disney with ‘From Our Family To Yours’


Now I hope you have your tissues ready for this one because Disneys first ever Christmas advert had all of our team an emotional wreck after this watching this! 

The sweet animated story looks at the beauty of family traditions during the festive holiday season. 

The scene opens in 1940, where a grandmother, seen as a young girl, receives a Mickey Mouse toy gift from her father. Years later, we see the grandmother give the same toy to her granddaughter as they decorate homemade stars in their living room. As the granddaughter gets older, she slowly loses interest and soon realises she needs to do something to uplift her grandma’s spirits. As a surprise, she decorates the entire room with brightly shining decorated stars and gives her the original Mickey Mouse toy. To add even more sentimental value, the advert has been released in partnership with the Make-A-Wish foundation and features the song ‘Love is a Compass’ sang by upcoming singer ‘Griff’. Disney- you really have set the bar high for all of your future Christmas campaigns! 

It is with great sadness and disappointment to announce that John Lewis’ 2020 Christmas campaign did not make the cut this year, as it simply didn’t top our all-time favourite of their classic 2013 Bear & The Hare #bringbackbearandthehare. Now it’s your turn to share with us what your favourite festive campaigns are. We do have the odd bah humbugs at our place, but the majority of us are as festive as Will Ferrel as Buddy the Elf, so if you would like to discuss some potential Christmas campaigns for your brand, then get in touch today and we will be happy to help. We are determined to make this Christmas just as special as any other! 


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