SEO/Content Marketing April Roundup

Here’s a quick roundup of some great articles about content marketing (with hints of search engine optimisation) added, as I couldn’t help myself. Some useful stuff here to read.

Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing During the COVID Crisis (

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  • This is not to say we’re ignoring COVID related content, we’re just investing more in the long term and for us, that means focusing on SEO.
  • Get your brand to be top of mind for your customers by increasing your social media posts (in a helpful way).
  • Experts believe all of your new content should address what is happening right now, which means that your articles and social media content should be relevant to the current pandemic.
  • Amit Raj, Chief Link Builder at TheLinksGuy says, A good content marketing strategy we’re using is quite simply creating content or content angles that relate our project to COVID.
  • Torben Lonne, Chief Editor at says, Content strategies during COVID times should try and emphasize constructive and engaging content that can help motivate people.
  • Since everyone is home and has plenty of time to read and research these days, it’s a good time to produce quality content that has the potential to really sink-in with people and help stay motivated during these times.

4 takeaways for content marketers in the time of COVID-19 – Marketing Land (

Key Topics: Kids, social media


  • Brands are playing it safe with their messaging, but there are still opportunities to serve and engage audiences.
  • How should brands be communicating at this point?
  • How do you balance optimism and sensitivity in your messaging?
  • How do you identify content marketing opportunities during COVID?
  • Can we rely on the same KPIs as before?

How Optimizes for Branded Search Traffic [CASE STUDY] (

Key Topics: Google, branded keyword, Entertainment Hub page, genre keywords


  • In the case of FOX, I discovered that branded genre keywords (i.e, iterations of FOX [Genre] Shows) collectively offered great monthly search volume.
  • In other cases, the best choice is to make changes to your website to get the right page ranking for the branded keyword.
  • The solution for FOX was to get the right pages ranked for branded genre keywords.

Council Post: Six Reasons Content Marketing Is Crucial To Your Business (

Key Topics: content marketing, quality content, digital marketing, CTAs


  • We live in an era where quality content has become the rule for businesses, not the exception, and content marketing allows them to produce and deliver the information audiences need.
  • Providing your audiences with quality content gives both your prospects and customers a positive experience whenever they visit your website, social media pages or any digital platform you’re using for your campaign.
  • One of the primary goals of any digital marketing campaign is to generate leads for a business, and content marketing is at the heart of any digital marketing strategy.
  • Content marketing, on the other hand, should provide audiences with useful information that they will pay attention to and come to trust over time.
  • As an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, content marketing will require a certain amount of resources to carry out.

How to Execute Successful Content Marketing (

Key Topics: social media, blog topics, content marketing


  • At the very basic level, this means allocating resources to content marketing, identifying your goals, and double checking what you already have in ways of content.
  • Examples of social media posts could be some highlighting tips related to your niche, or testimonials from people who’ve used your product.
  • Blog topics could include SEO-verified tricks of your trade, helpful explanations, or other ideas that would be interesting to your customers.
  • This is a key part of content marketing in terms of your website.

What Is Content Marketing & Why It Matters (

Key Topics: AR, Google, Content Marketing


  • Now that we’ve laid out what exactly it is, and what forms it covers, let’s take a deeper look at what content marketing can do for you.
  • Rather than offering calls to action, or using traditional television’s appeal to the popularity of well-known actors to drive sales, YouTube’s algorithm instead considers a tapestry of data and recommends ultra-individualized content.
  • The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to What Works , covers the essentials that you need to know when implementing your own content marketing campaign.
  • This guide will help you better understand why content marketing is valuable, what works, and how to make the most of your money and time investments.


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