Round-Up: Paid Social Media (March 2023)

Social media and paid social is forever changing. It’s a space that’s never standing still as new trends are forever coming and going. So it’s important to jump on trends quickly as you need to take full advantage and businesses can’t afford to act slowly as they can miss out and by the time they’ve jumped on it, it will be too late.

Our award-winning paid social team is here to help! Our business slogan is ‘we see what others don’t’. They keep up to date with the latest trends and use their expertise to get record-breaking results.

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12 of the Most Important Social Media Stories from the Last Few Weeks

  1. New interest-based targeting options for LinkedIn ads. This now includes 20+ new service interest attributes and 120+ new product interest attributes.
  2. Twitter’s planning to extend long-form tweets to 10k characters
  3. 12 Steps to Master Social Media: A Beginners Guide for Small Business
  4. TikTok implements new usage limits for teen users, adds more parental control options
  5. LinkedIn adds additional intelligence elements to Sales Navigator
  6. After Twitter became the first company to roll out monthly subscriptions for the blue tick, Meta has copied their model by testing out paid verification program, It is a subscription-based offering for brands to get special authentication via a badge on social networks. This program is said to build trust for brands among their audiences and provides more support from Meta.
  7. Snapchat integrates ChatGPT. Snapchat is the first social media platform to integrate AI, with the launch of a new chatbot element for Snapchat+ subscribers called ‘My AI’, which will integrate ChatGPT into the platform, and provide AI-generated responses to queries
  8. Twitter is removing an archive of recorded live streams to tackle copyright as they can be used to stream videos and live sporting events.
  9. LinkedIn Launches ‘Collaborative Articles’ powered by AI to help boost member engagement.
  10. TikTok added a new ad insights tool called ‘Top Products’. This tool makes it easier to discover winning products in your region and category.
  11. Change your Instagram Stories ads creatives, Meta is converting CTA buttons to CTA link stickers for ads that run in Instagram Stories.
  12. Facebook is ending ‘Instant Articles’. Starting mid-April 2023, the Facebook Instant Articles ad placement will no longer be available for advertisers.

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