Q&A With Aaron After His First Week

Last week, Aaron joined Embryo. Aaron came on board as our latest SEO executive after graduating with a degree in business and entrepreneurship. We’re a hard-working bunch, but we also understand the importance of fun (I know that’s a cliche phrase that a lot of places say), but we genuinely do.

Anyway, that’s enough from me, let’s hear from the Jersey boy himself…

Hi mate, let’s start with the big question – how was your first week?

Hi Ronnie, I really enjoyed my first week, it flew by, so I guess that’s a good thing! The whole team at embryo made me feel very welcome and I am fitting in really well. For me, taking on a new role is always exciting so I was eager to start learning SEO. I will go into everything I have learnt in the next question.

What have you learned so far? 

The best way I learn is to get stuck in, and this exactly what happened during my first week. Rather than learning from a book, I was shadowing Ronnie and Cal, with the help of Sam and James. From the beginning, I was made aware of the importance of content and how it affects website rankings. I was also shown how to operate websites from the backend, learning about alt tags, meta descriptions and different plugins to boost client websites. I am now furthering my knowledge by completing an SEO course on Udemy, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

What has been your favourite thing to learn? 

Previously, when I would scroll through websites I never noticed the little things that actually have a positive impact online. So learning about the importance of link building has been an eye-opening experience. Knowing how to set outreach to high authoritative sites has been very interesting and I am looking forward to putting this learning into practice.

What are you most looking forward to doing?

Firstly, implementing everything I am learning from my SEO course! Specifically, I am looking forward to keyword research, finding top-performing keywords and how to implement them into content throughout a site.

Who is your favourite office dog – Benson, Bromley or Bella?

This is a tough one! Unfortunately for Benson and Bromley, Bella takes the lead. Benson and Bromley, you’ve got some catching up to do.


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