Is Digital PR right for my business?

Sitting at the awareness stage of the marketing funnel, Digital PR can help to increase both brand awareness and organic visibility in the SERPs. How? It utilises online channels and publications to enhance your brands trust and authority.

If you’re unsure on whether Digital PR is right for your business, watch this video where Senior Digital PR Strategist, Tamara Siddiqui shares exactly what you need to know if you’re thinking of investing in a Digital PR strategy.

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Still unsure whether it’s the right choice for your business strategy? Read on to find out more on the value Digital PR brings as a channel, how it works hand-in-hand with SEO and content and how to execute it…

What is the value of Digital PR as part of your business’s strategy?

If you’re looking to raise brand awareness of your product offering or service, and you want to rank organically in Google for key terms, Digital PR is a valuable channel to achieve this.

Some benefits of adding Digital PR to the marketing mix include:

  • Increased brand awareness and organic visibility
  • Direct traffic to your homepage and other revenue-generating pages, leading to organic conversions now or in the future
  • Credibility and trust – solidifying you as experts as create content around Google’s E-E-A-T values
  • A healthy backlink profile – building your referring domains (number of domains linking to you) with a mix of follow and nofollow links on high authority, relevant publications can boost your SEO rankings
  • Keyword rankings – protect and retain the keywords you rank well for and boost the ones you’re dropping on

I already invest in an SEO strategy, do I need Digital PR?

If you invest in an SEO strategy, Digital PR is the missing piece of the puzzle. When it comes to an SEO strategy, there are three pillars; Technical, Content and Authority.

Technical helps to provide context to your site and lays the foundations, helping it to rank for key terms. Supporting this, the content pillar creates helpful, informative content that targets long-tail keywords that relates to the topics you want to rank for.

Sitting at the authority pillar, Digital PR can be used to drive high quality, relevant links back to your website, giving signals of trust and credibility to Google, helping to protect rankings most important to you and boost those that could do with improving.

Working together, all three channels help to create the perfect formula to help your website rank and drive organic performance.

How can I execute a Digital PR strategy?

To execute a Digital PR strategy you can lean on various tactics. For example, expert commentary can be used to help position you as an expert or thought leader in your field or you can jump on a trending story by offering relevant, unique data. Other tactics include utilising tips and advice to product placement.

At Embryo, we have a daily newsroom where we monitor the media for relevant opportunities, to help place brands at the heart of conversations around their key focus areas.

If you’re looking for a fully-fledged, multi-touchpoint Digital PR approach, we can explore content marketing campaigns which bring in elements such as onsite and creative assets, helping to build brand awareness and have a knock-on effect on organic visibility.

Ready to add Digital PR to your strategy?

Ready to explore Digital PR? Our team has experience leading Digital PR strategies across B2B and B2C spaces covering sectors from fashion, home and interiors, travel, tourism, automotive and many more!

Get in touch today to find out how we’d design a bespoke Digital PR strategy for your brand.

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