Insights from the experts at Hootsuite: How to up your Social Media game in 2021

Since beginning my adventure into the world of social media marketing, the Hootsuite Social Media Trends seminars and webinars have always created a buzz within the department! Creative experts and social media wizards from across the digital marketing world collectively impart their new-found knowledge and insights to give all us budding social media moguls a good look into how the industry has adapted this year, and what to expect for the following year! Whether it be the secrets to boosting your campaign momentum, or generating the best possible leads for your business in a new generation, here are our takeaways from the experts on Social Media Trends for 2021!


Now is the time to invest more into Instagram

Aside from the fact, the social giant is churning out layout updates and opportunistic features what seems like every other week, Instagram is, in general, an invaluable resource for business in the ‘20s! Instagram strives to be so personalised to its consumer’s behaviours, and due to the rise of the ‘influencer’ it has evolved into a preferred source of income for some. With trends suggesting its influence is only going to get greater the more, it evolves, you’ll want to invest more into both paid and organic social activity now to get ahead of the competition!


Social media is lending itself to a new customer experience – get involved!

Businesses are under increased pressure to bring in new business and customers, especially in these unprecedented times! This is why the number one goal for social media activity going into the new year should be focussed around improving customer experience on your social platforms and really squeezing everything you can out of its resources while digital and contactless marketing is the only way to do so. Transactions alone don’t create memorable brand awareness or loyalty, so be sure to up your customer experience game ready for the new business wave in 2021 by bringing discovery, connection and fun into the experience.


Brands are really lending an ear to their consumers

Silence is golden! Sitting back and listening to your consumers, and really finding out what they need in a generation where convenience and accessibility are key, will allow you to see where your products and services fit into customer’s lives on social media. If social media has taught us anything this year, it’s that the brands who join in on the conversation rather than lead it are the ones who really win at the social media customer and follower loyalty.


Liking your customers’ and followers’ comments on social media isn’t enough – engage properly and show off your social info!

Social media customers and followers have become a more valuable and loyal consumer than those that may have traditionally been seen as the real MVPs. Engaging with customers on social media has gone from liking their comments on your latest post to sharing their tagged content and letting THEM have the floor (your grid) to speak up and showcase their content. Not only this but with the rise of social media’s influence in terms of behaviour changes, integrating social media stats and information into other systems creates a real sense of reliability and authenticity that customers can trust! Now is the time to learn how to really close the gap between engagement information on social media and your customers’ identity.


Want to know more? Speak to our social media experts at Embryo, and see how we can help you get ahead of the competition on social media in 2021.


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