How networking with journalists has helped us understand how to pitch campaigns

Due to COVID-19 news platforms have had to adjust to new working environments and how they generate news stories. From adapting their audience to change their content timelines, we like journalists have worked together in unity to create great quality campaigns that allow writers to create unique stories.

However, as we’ve been unable to attend any live talks and meet journalists face to face, we’ve taken it upon ourselves as an agency to network with publications through new forms of communication online by attending webinars and live Q&A sessions.

We utilise a media database called Roxhill, and it has been an essential tool for outreach to drive optimal results for our digital PR campaigns. But we’ve also understood that things are continually changing and that’s why I’ve made it essential as head of Digital PR to ensure my team gets the opportunity to learn and understand what’s changing in the world of journalism. 

We’ve used devices and tools that we can access right at our fingertips at Embryo Digital to network with journalists on social media and attended a variety of live sessions. So, we can provide a range of papers and magazines unique stories and aid us to hit our KPI’s by maximising our clients brand awareness. 



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