Embryo Index: Movers and Shakers in November

Along with launching the new Embryo last month, we also created and launched two new Indexes in retail and travel. 

So why did we create the indexes?

We wanted to create a way that marketing directors, and non-tech business leaders alike could see why a site is performing well in a particular industry – without having to jump through all the ‘mumbo jumbo’. We also wanted them to be able to compare themselves in the main sector, and in sub-sectors too (such as retail, and affordable fashion).

How does the Index work?

The Embryo Indexes identify 100 of the top UK companies in a variety of industries. Using our creativity, talent, and technical ability, we’ve demystified several search and social-related metrics and combined them into an easy to understand scoring system, so anyone can see how each site performs. 

High scores mean trophies 

Trophies are awarded independently of the Embryo Index score and are given for such things as longevity, social, and SEO performance. This means that a business with a lower Embryo Index score may have more trophies than another business which has a high Index score. 

More trophies will also be coming to the platform, which will help to indicate that even smaller brands on the index are doing some things well – such as running their own mobile app, for instance.

November Movers and shakers

The Index is regularly updated which means businesses can rise and fall down the rankings. This month we’ve seen some interesting movements in both retail and travel. 


Our November movers and shakers are:

  • Our movers of the month are EMP who have managed to jump up the rankings 10 places by increasing their Embryo Index score by 5.7. Whilst Currys have dropped 4 places in the rankings as their Embryo Index score fell by 5.6 points. 
  • John Lewis has moved up the rankings from position seven to four, meaning there are new changes to the top 10 retailers, with Next, Boohoo and Net-a-porter moving down the rankings. 
  • TX Maxx has climbed an impressive seven places up the rankings, with their Embryo Index score increasing by x points. Showing just how close the scores are in the middle of the rankings. 
  • Despite AllSaints increasing their Embryo Index score they’ve actually fallen down the rankings due to close competition. 
  • Reiss has also fallen down the rankings, despite improving their Embryo Index Score, this is due to Joules leapfrogging them. 


  • The biggest update to our travel index is the removal of STA travel as the business has gone into administration. The business was originally ranked in position 15, which means that most of the companies after this have moved up the rankings, despite a lot of their Embryo Index Scores decreasing. 
  • Due to STA Travel leaving the Index it also meant we have a new company in the top 100. Congratulations to Go Cruise who have just sneaked in, ranking 100th. 
  • Our top 10 travel companies have been shuffled up slightly, with Gatwick Airport being knocked out due to Jet2 holidays. 
  • Elegant Resorts have been fortunate this month as they’ve climbed three places in the rankings respectively, despite not improving their Embryo Index score. This is mainly due to its competitors losing points from their scores. 
  • Manchester airport was our biggest loser this month, losing 2.6 points from their Embryo Index score and falling down the rankings from 15 places.

Closing statement

Overall, it’s been interesting to see that this month our retail index has seen lots of positive movers whilst our travel index has seen lots of negatives. Perhaps this is due to retailers benefiting from the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and travel companies still struggling with the COVID-19 restrictions. 

The Embryo Indexes are regularly updated so make sure you keep track by following our social channels. Currently, there are retail and travel indexes, but we will be adding others soon. Want to know more about the Index? Or perhaps you want your business to be featured? Then get in touch with Team Embryo.


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