Bake it Like Beckham: A Look into Cookin’ with Brooklyn

As we come to the end of the rollercoaster that was 2021, I’m sure we can all look back at the weird and wonderful things we did to keep ourselves occupied during lockdown. Some people started businesses, raised money for charity or started a new hobby. I, for example, decided I’d get into crochet. I spent an afternoon making half a crochet bee and since that afternoon back in March, the crochet set I bought hasn’t been seen. 


Brooklyn Beckham, like the rest of us, decided to take this time to develop a new hobby. He used lockdown as an opportunity to roll up his sleeves and develop his love of cooking. He posted his first cooking video back in July. The video showcased him making a delicious looking steak quesadilla in a sped-up, time-lapse video. Whilst there is no recipe, ingredients list or instructions, we can all appreciate a good looking quesadilla and, to be fair to Brooklyn, his kitchen skills also seem pretty refined as far as his chopping, garlic-smashing, and steak-searing goes.


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The famous parents-to-child celebrity pipeline is pretty consistent, and when one of your close family friends is Gordon Ramsey, there’s no surprise his cooking videos have created a buzz. In a recent interview with Vogue, Brooklyn explained that ith a little help from his fiancée, Nicola Peltz. “Nicola started videoing me, and I started posting it, and people started to really like it,” he says. “And then I was like, you know what, I can actually make something out of this. I’ve never enjoyed doing something like this as much as I do.”

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Introducing Cookin’ With Brooklyn


Off the back of the popularity of his Instagram videos, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham has recently teamed up with Messenger for an eight-episode series titled Cookin’ With Brooklyn, which will follow his journey to become a chef. Throughout the series, Brooklyn will meet with notable chefs including Nobu Matsuhisa, Nancy Silverton, Roy Choi as he looks to achieve his culinary goals. 


On 15 Dec., the model and photographer launched the first instalment of his eight-episode cooking series. He explains in the beginning that he is “at the very start” of his cooking journey and the series is about him learning from others and developing as a chef. 


In the first episode of the show, Brooklyn visits the Blue Runner seafood truck in Miami and proceeds to cook up some clams from the truck, all while he has a puppy draped over his shoulder. Plus, his taste-testers include family members, like his younger brother Romeo Beckham, as well as celebrity friends and of course, his supermodel fiance. 

Personally, anything with a puppy and some delicious looking food and I’m sold. However, his cooking journey has seen some criticism.


The 22-year-old has previously briefly Photography at Parsons School of Design in New York, leading him to shoot a fragrance campaign for luxury brand Burberry. Many slammed the gig as “sheer nepotism”. Now he’s trying his hand at something new, with a helping hand from some pretty big names in the industry, as you can imagine, some people have some criticism. To quote one Instagram user “Photography. . . now ‘cooking’. Nepotism is a powerful tool for the famous.” 


His cooking has also come under fire. Brooklyn appeared on US show, The Today Show when he shared his ‘recipe’ for an English breakfast sandwich, a dish that he ‘learned from his great-grandma’. Viewers had a lot to say over the decision to feature such an easy-to-assemble dish, especially at a time when so many talented chefs were struggling to find work. More recently, although his cooking skills have improved one of his recipes includes a Grana Padano cheese, which can cost an eye-watering $554 for a large wheel –  not exactly relatable content.


However, despite what critics (and Instagram users) have to say about his latest venture, there is no denying that it’s popular. Brooklyn has now got 13m followers on Instagram and his first episode has now reached over 1 million views on Facebook alone. 


How to watch


To watch Cookin’ With Brooklyn, start a video call on Messenger or swipe up to use the “Watch Together” feature.  Facebook Watch videos with your friends and family and see their reactions in real-time over Messenger video calls and Messenger Rooms. Viewers can also tap the media button in the bottom right on Instagram or watch the series on Brooklyn’s Facebook page.


Launching his series solely on social media, allows him to easily connect with his audience to position and rebrand himself as a ‘food influencer’. With the ever-growing number of food videos on TikTok and Instagram, there’s a great opportunity for him to succeed, especially with his network of famous friends and family. Who knows, one day we might see a Cookin’ with Brooklyn Netflix special, if Paris Hilton can do it, anyone can.


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