A Blooming Marvellous Customer Experience with Bloom & Wild

When I told the Embryo team that I was writing my blog on Bloom & Wild, there was an outburst of various versions of ‘oh I love Bloom & Wild!’ which proved that I am not alone in my adoration of this brand. If you’re yet to have an experience with this letterbox flower company, I don’t exaggerate when I say that the entire experience, from purchasing flowers on their website or app, to receiving flowers with them, to receiving their emails, is hands down the best eCommerce experience I’ve ever had.

I often use them as an example of fantastic UX, amazing copywriting, and as an example of excellent email marketing. You may think I am using too many adjectives, but this is genuinely how enthusiastic I am about this brand.  

One of our main goals as marketers is to create customer advocates; people who love a company so much that they just can’t stop talking about them, recommending them, and continuously returning to buy. Bloom & Wild are the best example I know of a company who manage to do just that. 

And here is why. 

Let’s start off our analysis on their fantastic website. 

The site is clear and easy to use, with beautiful imagery used throughout. I am a particularly big fan of their fonts too. The site is friendly, classy, userfriendly, and consistently gives you reasons to buy. There are Trustpilot logos and reviews throughout generating social proof, great filters so that you can find exactly what you want. But mainly, the website genuinely makes you smile.

Copywriting & email marketing

As you can see from the screenshots above with ‘Happiness guaranteed’, the copy on this website is incredibly well thought out. It’s emotive, powerful, whilst also being fun and lighthearted.


Great copywriting can often be underappreciated but choosing very specific words that make a distracted website user quickly feel connected to your brand is an amazing achievement. There are very few brands that do this as well as Bloom & Wild.

Some brands fall short by neglecting to tie the same attention to copywriting across all of their marketing channels, but you just need to receive one of Bloom & Wild’s emails to see that isn’t the case.

The subject of their latest email was ‘Feel good flowers this way’, and was all about spreading positivity to your friends, family or to yourself. This was sent on ‘Blue Monday‘, usually the most depressing day of the year, and that’s in normal circumstances, let alone in 2021 in lockdown 3.0. They cleverly don’t mention Blue Monday, the pandemic, or anything of the sort, keeping things upbeat and letting the reader associate the two.

Voucher codes are a huge part of their marketing strategy – you can usually always get 10% off. Somehow it doesn’t cheapen the brand, even though the codes are sent frequently.

A touching email that they send every year is to ask if you’d like to turn off email notifications about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day, in the event that you may find those days difficult and don’t want to be reminded. This is part of their ‘thoughtful marketing’ movement that aims to ‘treat customers like your closest friends’.

The delivery experience

Then, when you receive your flowers, the delight continues. The packaging is perfect – plus they’ve solved a huge issue for people buying flowers for others (in normal circumstances, when we can leave our homes) – what if they aren’t in? Flowers that fit through the letterbox!

The guides that come inside your flowers are beautifully written, helping you cut your stems, feed your blooms, and how to arrange them. The copy on the leaflets inside the box are so thoughtfully written, even down to a ‘management of expectation’. A leaflet that asks ‘Spotted a rogue stem?’ explains that due to how seasonal and fresh the flowers are, you might not receive exactly the flowers that were described in the product brochure. 

If this fawning review of Bloom & Wild was enough to make you want to try them out for yourself or for a friend, follow this link for a sweet £10 off your first order. And no, this is not an #ad. This is genuine love for a brand that I’d like to share with the world. Happy shopping!


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