5 Scripts that will work like your own assistant

Scripts are a long standing feature in PPC accounts, however are criminally underutilized. I found myself avoiding them when i first started in digital marketing as i didn’t want to damage my clients accounts or set something up incorrectly.

Below will be 5 scripts that now make my life so much easier, automating time consuming tasks and also allowing for you to increase monitoring and performance of your clients accounts.

Broken Link Checker

Now this is the most common used script but it cannot remain off the list for how much time it saves. At my previous agency we used to waste 30 mins a day, individually checking each one of our clients accounts. Not to mention you can imagine how exciting that is on a Monday morning clicking through every account just to check for no red alerts.

This script can be set up both in an individual account or at MCC level the code just changes slightly. Then you can schedule this script to recur every morning and give you a breakdown on broken links or 404 errors.

Single Account Link – https://developers.google.com/google-ads/scripts/docs/solutions/link-checker

MCC Account Link – https://developers.google.com/google-ads/scripts-legacy/docs/solutions/adsmanagerapp-link-checker


Remove Under performing Ads (Created by Frederick Vallaeys)

This script can analyse your split tests and various ad copies and will pause the least performing, meaning you are always running the top performing most optimised adverts for your clients.

This has allowed me to be very reactive in large accounts and increase engagement and reduce cost per conversion targets.

Script Link – https://www.optmyzr.com/scripts/remove-underperforming-ads/


Weather Based Bid Management

This script can be game changing for seasonal and weather dependent services and products. This allows you to increase bidding and visibility based on weather increases or forecast changes.

Setting the scene: The weather is set for 3 back to back 20 degree + days in Manchester, customer behaviour means there is huge spikes in users looking to buy sun loungers, garden furniture sets, swing chairs etc etc.

With this weather script you will be preemptively reacting to the increase in market, allowing for more sales and more Return on investment.

Script Link – https://developers.google.com/google-ads/scripts-legacy/docs/solutions/weather-based-campaign-management

Dynamic Sale Countdown

A personal favourite when Black Friday and boxing day sales come around for clients, this script will have a dynamically counting down sale timer for how long the promotion is running. This increases engagement and also customer urgency, resulting in more sales and less basket abandonment.Script Link – https://developers.google.com/google-ads/scripts-legacy/docs/solutions/sale-countdown

Quality Score Evaluator (Created by Jacob Fairclough)

Quality Score can be quite hit and miss with its descriptions of simply something is ‘below average’. This script will breakdown the key factors of quality score, allowing you to improve your scores faster. This will then result in improved performance without bidding more.

Script Link –



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