5 Of The Best Places To Work Safely From In Manchester

With us now being allowed to go outside, enjoy the fresh air and escape our abodes, I’ve been finding myself escaping my flat to find haunts in Manchester to work from. Looking at, and working in, the same 4 walls hasn’t exactly helped the stimulate the creative juices, which is kinda needed as a content executive!

So, being able to venture out into the Northern Quarter, Ancoats or beyond to work has been great. So, in today’s blog, I thought I’d leave the WordPress plugin advice and the impact AI is having on email marketing to the experts and, instead, let you know about some of the best places in Manchester to work remotely!

Ducie Street Warehouse (formally known as Cultureplex)

Located right next to Manchester Piccadilly, Ducie Street Warehouse is an incredible place to spend a day at work. First off, its massive and there is loads of space to sit at desks or lounge around on sofas if you prefer to work like that. They’ve done an amazing job of making COVID secure, too. There are perspex screens between each work desk and certain sofas aren’t available for social distancing sake. It’s such a big venue that it almost feels normal! If you fancy going for the day they are currently running an offer where you pay £12 for the day and can enjoy £10 worth of credit to spend on food & drink, with that fee you also get unlimited tea and coffee.

Mackie Mayor

Another huge venue located on the edge of the Northern Quarter on Great Ancoats Street, Mackie Mayor is a great, spacious place to work. They have a nice ground floor snug or there is a first-floor mezzanine that has stools and benches. Be warned, there is a dangerous amount of delicious food stalls. No seriously, if you go a day there and you don’t indulge in the tacos, ramen bowls or chicken sandwiches then you have more willpower than I! As well as sinfully delicious food, Atkinson’s roasters are there to serving up buzz-worthy flat whites and other sweet treats. They are super COVID secure too with one-way entrance system and contactless ordering (featuring a new app) and payment so you don’t have to come into contact with anyone while you beaver away on your laptop.

Ancoats Coffee

Tucked away in one of Ancoats’ trendy office buildings, Ancoats Coffee is a safe, arabica smelling haven amidst the madness. The fact you have to tilt your head around a few corners is a good thing! It’s quiet! You could quite comfortably spend an entire day there and see maybe 20 people come and go, its cool (perfect during this current heatwave) and the coffee is dead good. It’s also very COVID secure with one way systems in place and strict mask usage for people getting takeaway, there are also hand sanitizer stations dotted around.

Cutting Room Square

A bit left of field but with the recent pedestrianisation of Cutting Room Square (Alan Partridge fans will appreciate that joke), it has become a European style hub for friends and family to meet up and socialise. So, why not spend the day working there? Yes, you might have to check the forecast and yes you might need suncream/sunglasses/an umbrella/waders. But, working in the sunshine, in the middle of Cutting Room Square, it doesn’t get better than that!

The Refuge

One of the most stunning in all of Greater Manchester and one of the first things you see when you travel on Oxford Road. The Refuge is another fantastic place to work with the only caveat that you may end up with neckache after gazing up at the stunning architecture overhead. Offering up all the usual food & drink one would expect to consume during a remote working day you can expect to be left alone in an atmosphere that is quiet and calming.

These are just 5 amazing places dotted around this wonderful city, there are plenty more and I’d encourage you to hunt out your local coffee shop and spend a day there supporting them.


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