3 "WFH" Phrases Which Should Be Banned via Memes

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a very different workplace. Everyone is working from home, so video conferencing, instant messaging and the old, faithful email have replaced face to face meetings. 

There are some good things about this setup, with personal highlights including wearing pyjama bottoms to work, a 30-second commute, and a constant stream of snacks. 

However, because of this new set up, there are a few awful, cringe-worthy phrases, previously only seen on an occasional sales email, which have now started to creep into many people’s daily vocabulary. Some are even being used by our very own MD, Ross Green… 

Therefore, I’m taking this blog as an opportunity to call out some of the worst phrases people are using at the moment. If you’re a culprit of using any of these phrases, shame on you. 

(Confession, shame on me too as I have might have accidentally said one or two of these myself over the past few weeks. I hate myself.)

Can we hop on a quick call? 

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We all know there is no such thing as a quick meeting at the moment. We haven’t seen our work colleagues for weeks. At least one of them has a new puppy, or a terrible home haircut or a funny lockdown moustache. We want to check in on everyone, make sure they are safe and well, and in good spirits. We may not have spoken to another human being for hours. We can’t hop or jump on a quick call. Instead, each meeting will start with at least 10 minutes of waffle, and that’s ok. 

This next one is for the salespeople amongst you. 

“I know that X is the last thing on your mind during the Covid-19 pandemic, BUT……” 

Yep. You’re right. Unless you’re selling essential services, buckets of hand sanitizer or loo roll, or you want to deliver wine to my door, your generic sales emails and LinkedIn messages are misplaced, tacky and insensitive. Give it a rest. What would Jesus do?  

Nice to e-meet you!

I’ve saved the worst for last. It’s nice to e-meet you. For anyone who uses this vomit-inducing expression, let me refer you to this excellent blog which gives you 7 alternatives to use instead of this phrase

What are the phrases that are getting your goat and grinding your gears?

Stay safe everyone!


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