2021 and its ever-evolving digital landscape

Undeniably, the way we market, sell and ultimately consume has changed. Whilst I am not going to go over old ground, we know what we went through last year and we know the challenges that face us this year. We’re certainly not ‘over’ it, however, we have mastered the art of adapting. I hope. 

At Embryo, I’ve always been proud to say that we, as an agency are flexible (within reason) to our client’s needs. Understanding their problem, finding a solution and executing it to drive results has been at the core of what we do from the very first day I started the agency. This mentality is what I predict is going to be a game-changer for marketers this year. Read on for my top 3 [predicted] trends in 2021:

Flexibility is the key to stability

Are the days of 12-month marketing plans gone? Maybe. When covid struck, marketers and businesses alike had to swiftly change tack. From changing entire campaigns to relaunching products with a new angle, one thing we have all learned is that flexibility is key. 

With lockdowns, tiers, eat out or don’t eat out, we have had to adapt and change plans abruptly. Rather than plan for months ahead, we’re starting to see a shift in attitude and more importantly, a shift in how we plan. 

My prediction – shorter, concise marketing plans with contingency options to change if we are plunged into a new tier, or lockdown, or something…

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much more

Remember when Burger King handed over their Instagram to small eateries in the UK? Or when all the supermarkets stood behind Sainsbury’s and their Gravy Song campaign?  

What we saw over the last 12 months was a shared sense of community, a togetherness and most surprisingly, big brands supporting one another including small businesses. Fast forward, I predict that businesses will start to leverage this approach a lot more, showcasing strategic partnerships between businesses, offering complimentary products or services. 

This isn’t a new approach. It’s old-school and something we’ve been preaching about it for many years. I just predict we will see more of it… hopefully.

Stylising your online shop window

Internet usage has skyrocketed over the past 12 months and this is showing no signs of slowing down. 

With retail and hospitality industries being at the forefront of lockdown closures, consumers have shifted their focus to what they can access on their devices. From local shops, takeaways, things to do and much more, now more than ever, the value of having an ‘online shop window’ has never been more important. 

I’ve had clients asking for web updates and re-brands through to new businesses reach out asking for a plan of action to get their websites noticed. 

Having a digital presence that not only engages and captivates but more importantly, converts users to customers has become even more paramount with lockdowns. No doubt, we will see a growing demand for slicker and sexier websites supported by a holistic search campaign that actually works. Maybe now, some people will start to finally understand the importance of digital marketing!

As always, the above is merely some of my ramblings. I don’t try to offend and I really don’t claim to be the next digital genius. Hopefully, you have found reading this enjoyable and/or valuable. If not, try the next one!



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