12 Customer Service Statistics That Show Exactly Why You Should Invest In Your Customer Experience

I’ve always known that customer service is important, but now that I’ve recently joined the Client Services team here at Embryo, I feel like this is more obvious than ever to me.

Clients obviously want to know that they’re getting value for their money when they invest in our marketing services, and that’s definitely a top priority. However, what I’m increasingly aware of is that customer service goes hand in hand with this.

As a Client Services Executive, it’s my job to make sure that the customer is getting maximum value for their money. But the focus is also on delivering an outstanding client experience.

Of course, it does go without saying that customer service is vital – I think most people would agree with this statement. But, just how many people know why it’s so important? And, most importantly, how many know the facts and figures?

In this blog, I’m going to take a look at 12 key customer service statistics that prove just how important it is, and why making investments to provide excellent customer service is a must, not just for the satisfaction of clients and customers, but for the survival of your business.

12 Key Customer Service Statistics

60% of customers trust reviews that come from other customers, including their family and friends, when learning about a new product or service. (Source: Hubspot)

Ultimately, this statistic shows just how important word of mouth can be as a marketing tool in its own right. Investing in your customer experience increases the likelihood of people recommending you or leaving a review, which can all be very powerful in driving new business!

When businesses focus on improving their customer experience, revenue increases by 80% over time. (Source: Forbes)

Evidently, customer experience is one of the best ways to drive revenue. Not only does it mean people will recommend your business, but it increases your chance of securing repeat customers too.

54% of consumers say that customer service feels like an afterthought for most of the companies that they buy for. (Source: Zendesk)

If you prioritise customer service, that’s likely that it’s going to stand out to your target audience, especially if they’re comparing you to competitors. Of course, the quality of your products and services is vital, but this statistic shows that customer service could matter just as much.

Around two-thirds of companies compete based on customer experience. (Source: Forbes)

When analysing your industry and your competitors, you should take into consideration their customer journey and their customer service experience. Increasingly, businesses are competing based on customer experience rather than just their offerings.

87% of leaders in business think exceptional customer experience is a must-have. (Source: Smart Insights)

This goes to show that customer experience is becoming a priority for many business leaders. If you aren’t thinking about customer experience as one of your top priorities, you run the risk of being left behind!

73% of customers think that customer experience influences their buying decision. (Source: PWC)

Of course, there can be so many different factors that influence buying decisions and push people further down the funnel. Clearly though, having a great customer experience can encourage people to make that purchase.

92% of respondents state that if they have a poor customer experience with a company three times, then they will stop purchasing from that business. (Source: HubSpot)

A huge amount of people are willing to walk away from a business if a poor experience becomes the norm. From the get-go, you need to ensure that your customer experience is fantastic – don’t give consumers a reason to walk away!

49% of customers say that if they have a good personal, customised experience with a brand, they have made an impulse purchase. (Source: Dot Digital)

Sometimes, depending on the nature of the purchase people are making, they will take time to deliberate their options and ask questions. However, some purchases can be made instantly, with very little thinking, providing you with quick wins. If you provide your customers with a personalised service, they are much more likely to made an impulse purchase.

If it means that they are going to get a better customer experience, 86% of customers are willing to pay more. (Source: Super Office)

People appreciate value for money, and evidently, people view customer experience as a valuable aspect of their buyer journey. As such, you can justify your prices if you provide a great experience for your customers or clients, and they can see that they are getting value from you in this way.

96% of customers say that customer service plays a crucial role in their loyalty to a brand. (Source: Microsoft)

Most of the time, it’s cheaper and easier to retain customers than to attract new ones. As such, if customer loyalty is something that you’re keen to push, investing in your customer service is a must.

75% of consumers say that they prefer human interaction as opposed to automated interactions (Source: PWC)

We’re living in an age where automated services are becoming the norm, but it’s important to still retain that personalised touch. Human interaction is much better for providing a personalised experience, which customers clearly value. If you’re opting for automated interactions instead of human interaction, you could be missing out.

62% of customers say they will share their best customer service experiences with other people. (Source: Salesforce)

On the importance of word of mouth again, a lot of customers are likely to recommend you to others, based on their customer service experience. If you’re wanting to expand your customer base and attract new business, don’t forget to treat your existing customers right!

Evidently, investing in your customer service is a must for businesses not just survive, but thrive as well. But of course, that’s just one of the ways that you can take your business to the next level. If you’re looking to increase your visibility and your customer base, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to start your growth journey.


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